Vcloud Director Cloud Management

Intelibliss Cloud Management solution is a true Hybrid Cloud Platform that enables provisioning and lifecycle management of IT Infrastructure across all major public and private cloud providers. The solution provides end users and IT operators a single pane of glass and a single ServiceNow interface to define, administer, and measure workflows for provisioning cloud resources across all major cloud providers.

The solution is built on top of ServiceNow Cloud Management Platform which provides added benefit managing your end to end infrastructure using enriched ITSM, Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Event Management, Discovery and Service Mapping.

Key Features

Intelibliss Cloud Management connector for vCloud Director provides much required extension to native cloud management capabilities, including:

  • Single pane of glass and portability across clouds.
  • Dedicated Cloud Management portal to request cloud resources on any major cloud platform (public or private)
  • Automated Discovery of native cloud resources to manage greenfield and brownfield infrastructure.
  • Enriched CMDB population extending the native cmdb data model.
  • Integration with native ITSM, Event Management and Discovery.
  • Integrating Cloud request management with complex approval process and raise changes for production lifecycle operations.