Effective test cases writing for ServiceNow

Intelibliss effective test case writing

Understand the Requirements: Review the user stories, acceptance criteria, functional specifications, and any other pertinent documentation to clarify the expected behavior. To learn more about the story they are working on, speak with the relevant developers.

Identify Test Scenarios: Break down the functionality into different test scenarios based on different inputs, conditions, and expected outcomes. Each test case need to concentrate on a distinct functionality.

Define Preconditions: Identify any necessary preconditions that need to be in place before executing the test case. These may include data, configurations, or specific user roles.

Write Clear Test Steps: Write clear and concise test steps that outline the actions to be performed on each step.

Specify Expected Results: The expected results should be specific, measurable, and verifiable. It should explicitly state the actual result of each test step.

Consider Negative Scenarios: Ensure you include negative test scenarios like error handling or any known failure scenarios to validate the system’s behavior when incorrect or invalid inputs are provided.


Intelibliss - Test case writing

Review and Refine: Review the test case for clarity, completeness, and accuracy. Validate that the test case aligns with the defined requirements and covers all necessary aspects of the functionality.

Test Case Organization: Maintain a consistent structure and format for your test cases. Separate the test case description, the test steps, the expected outcomes, and the actual results using sections or titles. Number each step for easy reference.

Test Case Documentation: Store the test cases in a central repository or test management tool. Ensure they are easily accessible and searchable. Update the test cases as needed when requirements change or defects are identified.

Log the defects: To fix them, defects must be recorded in the tool. And after the defects have been fixed, they must be closed.

By following these steps, you can create well-structured and comprehensive test cases for testing ServiceNow functionalities.

By: Sneha