As ServiceNow is making lives better, it has added another milestone with the Now Platform Tokyo release.

With the Tokyo release, customers will not just have the advantage of the evolving ServiceNow’s capabilities but also the trust that binds ServiceNow and its customers. To ensure that the trust is only getting strengthened the Tokyo release adds some more new products and apps and new features/ updates for the current products.

With the help of the Manager Hub, Admin Center, Order Management, and Service Operations Workspace, employee and customer productivity and retention in the Next Experience will be enhanced.

As always automation and intelligence does find its place in a new release and this time operations are made more interesting via Issue Auto Resolution, Task Intelligence, Automation Center, DevOps Config, and Operational Resilience. ServiceNow Vault, a new security service boosts the platform security and privacy.

In the face of macroeconomic challenges, ServiceNow provides specifically designed solutions that help mitigate them. For example, Enterprise Asset Management, Supplier Lifecycle Management, ESG Management, Telecommunications Network Inventory, and Legal Investigations can give the flexibility to change course and assist in navigating the future.

The new and enhanced capabilities of the Now platform- Tokyo, ensures greater profitability for the businesses who invest in their digital infrastructure by streamlining complexity everywhere, reducing bottlenecks, and seamlessly linking various systems.

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